What Does the Network Mean to You?

I’m presenting to my colleagues at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina this coming Wednesday on the potential for networked learning in teacher education, K-12 and higher education. Inspired by a very recent initiative by Robin Ellis, I’ve decided to put up a Voicethread slide and ask for feedback from people on their experiences with networked/social learning.

I would very much appreciate your feedback and would love to have faculty members hear your thoughts throughout the presentation. Thanks much in advance!

Click here for the full size view of this Voicethread.

15 thoughts on “What Does the Network Mean to You?

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  2. Alec, What happened to the VT, says “deleted by creator” … just an hour after your twitter call for participation, weird! Probably not a good idea to embed VT anyway, second time in a couple days that I embedded VTs that were taken down. Do you plan to repost it, or once it is deleted is it destroyed forever? Thanks –Frank

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