How To Improve Your Online Video

Izzy Hyman recently released Izzy Video #79, Improve Your Online Video under a Creative Commons license. I’m a fan of the Izzy Video Show and this would be a useful clip for teachers talking to students about the basics of good video production.

Also, I have recently added a WordPress plugin called Riffly to this blog. This will allow you to add video or audio comments in response to these posts. I would love to have someone try it out.

9 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Online Video

  1. I need a camera that can make me look 20 years younger and 20 pounds lighter…..try and find one like that.

  2. Okay – cool find. As I said on Dean’s post – still not going to try it out — hair mess, no make up and room a mess. But listened to Dean’s and Jen’s messages and they are pretty cool.

    So am now going to re-think my thoughts on video/audio comments.

  3. Thanks for the great video Alec. I am not currently teaching a video editing class like CPT, but I might squeeze it into my Info Pro 10. Anyway, it seems like Izzy Video will be an essential resource if/when I’m teaching vidio production.

  4. is there anyway to remove particular riffly comments form my blog. How can a service not assume a blogger would need this ability. It seems i could have 5000 great video comments and have one jerk come on lets say expose himself and i’d have to start all over.

    Is there a source code or something i can go into and delete a line or something?



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