4 thoughts on “Guiliani TV Ad

  1. Nothing shy about that ad is there?

    It’s well done, which makes it troublesome as well. Culture of fear is right.

    It’ll be interesting to see if that message is embraced any more.

  2. you have got to be fracking kidding me. wow. I don’t even know where to start.

    1. be afraid of everyone with dark skin.
    2. especially muslims.
    3. they are coming to get you.
    4. rudy is the only chance you have if you want to live.

    wow. that just plain blows my mind on so many levels. promotion of intolerance, mistrust and fear.

    the primary reason bin laden targeted the US in the first place was as a result of troops stationed in saudi arabia. it was seen as an invasion of mecca, which had to be repelled. obviously, that’s not what it was, but intolerance is what causes the primary response to be “bomb them back to the middle ages” rather than “hmm… maybe we shouldn’t be there.”

    and how on earth can rudy imply that he is the first line of defense? never mind the stats that show there are far larger and more urgent risks than foreign terrorism – which are accepted as part of the north american lifestyle that must be protected at all costs.

    the scariest thing (to me) is that this message will be effective. it will win votes.

  3. Wow. That’s insane.

    Fortunately, I think (barely) enough Americans have woken up to not buy into this (or perhaps I’m overly optimistic). However, all it takes is one 9/11-like incident and hysteria rather than reason might determine the next president.

  4. It’d be interesting to remake that with the same voice over but using recent news clips of US events as the video. Wouldn’t be too hard to do – other than the assassination part.

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