Create Virtual Workspaces with WebNote

I found this neat little tool called WebNote. With the tool you can create a ‘virtual workspace’ in which you can easily post sticky notes to yourself. The website touts that this would be a perfectly convenient mechanism for leaving yourself notes during meetings, classes, etc. I like its simplicity and ease of use … and while it is currently demoed on a public server, it wouldn’t take much to host one’s own version with some permission/password control. Neat idea! Be sure to check it out.

One thought on “Create Virtual Workspaces with WebNote

  1. This looks like an interesting app, Alec, but for storing notes online how would it be better than a wiki? The ability to password protect wiki pages and content is already present in many popular wiki distributions?

    But I have to admit – being able to move the notes around on the page is cool!

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