Music History With Nana

I’m beginning to review many of the old projects that my undergraduate students have produced for me in the past. Many of these are large video projects and I was hoping to share them online.

After looking at several video services, I’ve chosen Viddler to do this. Viddler has some nice features, produced average to above average video, has tagging and commenting features at any point in the video, allows for large uploads and doesn’t have the 10 minute limit that Youtube has.

Here is one of my favorite although lengthy student video projects:

Basically, the video is based on the adventures of Nana, and older woman who quests to find her Music History textbook. As she looks for it, you’re presented with a music history experience. Although it takes a few minutes to pick up, it’s enjoyable if not for the music alone. Simple but fun.

2 thoughts on “Music History With Nana

  1. I really enjoyed this video! I even personally know the DJ at the end of it! ( the one who speaks French) It’s amazing how much time and effort they put into it and I’m even more impressed to see the large repertoire of classical music, which I enjoy very much myself.

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