9 Ways To Build Social Networks

TechCrunch put out the article “9 Way to Build Social Networks” where it compares white label social networking services such as Ning, KickApps, Crowdvine, etc.

I’ve recently put together a Ning social network for our Digital Internship Project, preservice teachers which our Faculty of Education supports through a special technology-infused internship experience. Ning is incredibly easy to set up, but I’ve got a couple of issues around it. First, it’s difficult to really make a Ning network NOT look like a Ning network. However, I’ll be working on this to see how far I can get. Second, I’m not a big fan of ads so I opted for the $5/month to get rid of the ads. I’d much rather build the tool from the ground so I can get the control I want, but I simply don’t have the time.

Right now, the Digital Internship Project is an invite-only Ning group. If there are those out there that would like to interact or partner with our digital interns, 4th year Education students going into a 4-month practicum experience, let me know.