Media Representation of …

I’m putting together another wiki/wikitation for an upcoming Ed. Foundations class. I have been asked specifically to talk about how the media represents various cultures and groups in our society.

Media Representation Wiki

One of the videos I’ve included is one titled “Boys Beware”, an anti-homosexual propaganda film from the 1950’s. I first viewed this video a couple of years ago, and as I view it now, it still shocks me.

I don’t think I have to say much about how it erroneously equates homosexual men with diseased pedophiles. While the anti-gay messages found in popular forms of media today may not be as explicit, it certainly still exists.

If you are interested in the topics partially addressed in this wiki, feel free to use this wiki or add your own ideas and resources. I’d love to see this wiki grow, reshape, change and be useful to others.