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I offered a short presentation focused on emerging technologies and digital literacies last Friday (Feb 2/07) to faculty members and library staff at the University of Regina. I think it went well.

When I began preparing for the presentation, my first instinct was to use a presentation tool (Apple Keynote). I got about 3 slides in when I realized that my brain no longer operates that way. I opted for the wiki-presentation method and here’s an outline of what I came up with.


I borrowed from another similar presentation facilitated by Rob Wall and Donna DesRoches. I thought for a bit about just going in and editing their wiki for my presentation. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded, but I guess I just felt my digital immigrant accent cut in when I thought 1) I shouldn’t mess with their stuff, and 2) about the need for some control over my own work.

Wow, no wonder it’s hard to convince others of trying to let go of “old ways”.

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  1. You’re right Alec, we would not have minded. In fact, it would have been cool to have you ‘mess with our stuff’!

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  3. Hi Alec and folks. I will be doing a similar presentation for a staff development day around personal learning environments. Mind if I borrow?
    I will value add with some Skype strategies and maybe a little Gmail, Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

  4. Hi Glen,
    Absolutely, feel free to do whatever you want to this, or take it with you. Best of luck on your presentation.

    The format here doesn’t need to stay this way. I’m always looking for better ways of presenting/facilitating content.

  5. Alec,

    Thanks to Stephen Downes, I found your post and your presentation, and also the one from Donna and Rob. I’m interested in examples of social software at work (whether on the job in a workplace, or applied to some other learning situation).

    Your phrase “my brain no longer works that way” is a delight. You include neuroplasticity and death-by-PowerPoint in six words.

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