8 thoughts on “Dick Hoyt: Inspirational Video

  1. Beautiful. It made me cry too.

    If anyone ever asks what it means to be a father, I’ll show this to them. I am humbled and inspired.

  2. I was sent this clip and the story behind it, from a close friend, it totally blew me away, makes u feel very humbled, inspired, hopeful and give s you a sence that everything in life is achieveable.

    This should be compulsory viewing for the current teenagers in thiswould who gripe about how hard they have go it, and the can do nothing, our world would be a much better place with more people like the Hoyts.

    Fantastic im forever in my friends Debt, i will keep this forever.
    Jon, Kent England

  3. I am lucky and fortunate enough to have my firstborn son who has joined my wife and I recently.

    The inspiration this film clip provides is beyond words.

    I have never cried during any film or video until now…

  4. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I was so moved by Dick’s courage that I would like a copy of a video for my next Corporate meeting. I am the owner of a couple medical business and would be glad to pay for one or more video’s. Please respond as soon as possible. Time is short.

    Many Thanks,
    Bob Schmidt
    Owner MPA Enterprises Inc.

  5. I don’t know if they ever finished first in the events they joined, but any standings they landed, to me they’re always the winner. You showed how God is so good. I am humbled and very much insprired…God Bless….

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