Imperial History: Maps of War


Too good not to pass along, this animation makes a point in 90 seconds that would take – well, a lifetime – to explain any other way. Oh, and for those who aren’t sure, I can assure you, the dates and boundaries of the empires depicted are quite accurate (I’ve studied this).

Very nicely done.

One thought on “Imperial History: Maps of War

  1. Wow, reminds me of all the history I studied in primary and high school, forty thousand years back—the history of the Arab world and the middle east, the history of the European colonial era and all the empires and kingdoms, battles fought lost, won, jihad, crusades, Christianization, Islamisation, Arabization and Arabaciation etc… But I notice the years; especially the colonial years were not necessarily true :-). I don’t know how the averages or the ranges were determined. But anyways, the independence dates for some countries are historically true! Certainly this is a very good learning object and a historical tool but if only historians are passionate about learning objects on the Internet :-).

    Thank for passing on this Alec.

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