Blogging As Therapy

It appears that “Many bloggers see their online journals as form of therapy“.

Mary Madden of Pew Internet reports:

Blogging combines two recommended techniques for people to work through problems: writing in a journal and using a computer to type out thoughts. Some bloggers say the extra dimension of posting thoughts on the Web enables them to broach difficult subjects with loved ones, as well as reap support from a virtual community of people they don’t know.

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Sidenote: I write this as I wait in my car for a colleague who’s shopping at Staples. It’s great having free wi-fi from the store reach the parking lot. :-)

2 thoughts on “Blogging As Therapy

  1. I agree Alec, free Wifi is great! I am sitting in my classroom at my desk and am receiving free wi-fi from somewhere down the street. I just wish I would have found out about this a little sooner then the middle of May!

  2. I started blogging as a part of the ECMP class with Alec, last year. MSN spaces did not work out so well for me… but then i switched to blogspot. I LOVE blogspot. My blog is a definate source of therapy for me. I love being able to hash out problems with my family, who are spread across the globe. It is also a handy way of celebrating together the good things in life. Whenever i feel i need to talk to someone, when i type things on my blog i feel like i’m telling them to many someones. Not only that, but it really does help hash out any thoughts i’m having over a complicated situation.

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