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I’ve been asked to do a short WebQuest workshop. It’s been a while since I have done much with WebQuests, but I thought I’d use this blog as a starting point for my participants.

Relevant Links:
WebQuest Page: Where the WebQuest idea originated through the work of Bernie Dodge and Tom March.

QuestGarden: A WebQuest creation tool that makes it easier for individuals to build and host WebQuests.

iTeacherEd WebQuest Modules: A resource built by our iTeacherEd team on how to build and host WebQuests using HTML tools. Note modules 6-10 focus on WebQuests.

WebQuest Taskonomy: Useful ideas when thinking about how to shape your WebQuest.

Reading & Training Materials: Various information on the theory of WebQuests.

Searchable WebQuest DataBase: Search for various WebQuests.

SESD WebQuests: WebQuests from the Saskatchewan East School Division (likely now longer called this).

Energy Choices and Consequences: A WebQuest created back in the day by former classmate Peter Arthur which I often use as an exemplar.

WebQuests from U of R Education Students: Oldies but goodies.

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  1. Thanks Becky. This was very timely. I also showed blogging for this session and I think students really appreciated this connectedness and immediate response. It’s great to see someone not connected in any way to this workshop leave comments in such a way … it’s really an amazing way of looking at education and the global village. Thanks again!

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