RedHat & Open Source In Education

Redhat has announced a partnership with Lotus Learning Systems Society to promote the use and implementation of open source software in schools. (full article)

The Hyderabad based Lotus Learning Systems Society, an organisation established to provide world- class professional teacher development and establishing and operating educational institutions, will deploy Red Hat’s open source we can learn from and adapt in the educational context.

And a quote from the article that I particularly like:

With open source software, we can modernize the education system far more rapidly than we can with proprietary software. Open source gives schools flexibility and control over their IT infrastructure and freedom from expensive licensing schemes.

And a quote that I can support from my own research:

Open source also helps in building a participative community of educationists and technologists.


And while I’m on the topic of open source software, I just noticed a couple of excellent links for those looking at finding and using open source applications on Windows or Mac operating systems. There are links to some excellent software packages here.

Open Source Windows – Open source software for Windows.
Open Source Mac – Open source software for OS X.

5 thoughts on “RedHat & Open Source In Education

  1. Best of luck to the Lotus Learning Systems Society and Red Hat as well. I had no idea that there was much of open source initiative for the two most popular PC platforms. Thanks for the well researched article!


  2. Darn it! It’s only in India (for now). Just what we need: another reminder of how advanced they are (and how slow we can be).

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