Help Pay For Raine’s Education

Canadian Tire is running an Xmas photo contest, and the winning photograph gets $10,000. I’m a little late submitting a photo (contest closes on the 15th), but if you go to the contest site, and feel that photograph ISK2473 is a good one, you might help to pay for about 10 minutes of my daughter’s future education (considering the possible rise in tuition by 2021). Hmmmmm … let’s see how powerful this social network might actually be. Of course, feel free to pass this message on in any way, shape or form.

Raine Xmas 2005

And no, posts suggesting a financial contribution is not to be a trend. :-)

Update: My social network rocks! It looks like Raine’s pic hit the top 5 most popular at the contest site. For those who have voted so far, thanks a bunch … and if you like the pic, please vote again. You can vote once a day until the 15th. This just goes to show how popular a social network can be.