Gollum: Wikipedia Browser

I love this idea.

Gollum is a Wikipedia Browser for fast and eyefriendly browsing through the free encyclopedia “Wikipedia”. Gollum gives you access to nearly all Wikipedias in all languages. Further more Gollum gives you some special features which allow you to easily customize your work with Wikipedia.

In my opinion the interface of Wikipedia is too overloaded and confusing. So let’s get an easy to use interface. Gollum, the intuitive way to the powerfull knowledge of Wikipedia.

Gollum is GPL’d so it could be tweaked for a school (where Wikipedia is allowed … ugggh), and could act as a clean portal to viewing or editing great material.

One thought on “Gollum: Wikipedia Browser

  1. Wow, you’re right. Very cool. Nice clean interface, I like it! The user login wasn’t working for me but, it’s still Beta so oh well…

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