BloxPress: A Modular Ajax WordPress Theme

I’ve just noticed the BloxPress demo. Bloxpress seems to be an in-progress, Ajax-developed WordPress theme with a few neat features. As the site states:

– You can drag everything around by clicking on the block title.
– You can add RSS, Flickr and more by clicking on “Add / Remove Content” at the top
– You can reset the layout by clicking on the Logo at the top.
– You can throw everything in the trash if you like to. Just open “Add / Remove” and move the block onto it.
– You can add as many items as you like.
– The “Layout Bookmark” is for cross-domain actions and has no real use in the demo yet.

Pretty cool. And I think this may help to demonstrate how some of the “small pieces” may be more easily integrated by less-savvy users in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “BloxPress: A Modular Ajax WordPress Theme

  1. Wow – this is great. With a little development of the theme and some ingenuity by the web designer, someone can effectively set up a web portal in under half an hour! Any organization can have a well-designed page with dynamic, database-generated content on a shoestring budget!

    And fully buzzword compliant with the inclusion of AJAX and you-know-what-two-point-oh! ;^D

  2. This theme is way different from the old one. It has been entirely rewritten and therefore has nothing to do with the old version. just forget the old version and try this one when it gets released.

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