Ten Good RSS Hacks

MicroPersuasion’s list of Ten RSS Hacks has been a fairly popular hit in the blogosphere over the last couple of days, and for those wanting to make more of their RSS utilization, there are some good tips here.

A couple of my favorites include:

3) Merge Several RSS Feeds Into One, Then Stick it on Your Firefox Bar

Like most bloggers, I subscribe to PubSub, Google Blog Search and Technorati search feeds for my name. I combine these all into a single feed using FeedShake and then stick the feed in my Firefox bookmarks toolbar as a Live Bookmark. The result is this nice drop down.

On that note, for a great list of RSS mixers (including FeedShake), be sure to check out Alan’s great post on this topic.

6) Build a Library of Search Feeds in a Heartbeat with gada.be
Last week I talked about gada.be – a new metasearch tool. Gada.be is terrific for setting up a series of blog, news and web search feeds with just a single step instead of ten. I am going to use this method for every new client we sign. Simply type the search term and tack on gada.be/opml. For example, microsoft.gada.be/opml. Save this page to your desktop as an OPML file (be sure to add an “.opml” extension). Then just import this file into your favorite aggregator and bingo, you’re set.

I’m really liking that gada.be service, so if you don’t use it specifically for this, it’s worth checking out regardless.