We (educationaltechnology.ca) have just set up the TeacherResourceWiki. This is my first real experience with a wiki (other than as a user), and I am hoping that this becomes a useful resource for teachers. At the very least, I will be introducing the idea to my undergraduate class this fall.

The basis for the wiki? Educators can collaboratively develop a useful hotlist resource, wiki-style, and develop appropriate categories for the management of these sites. The TeacherResourceWiki can be found at:

Feel free to add to the content. Right now, there are a few links added to the ‘high-school’ section, but other than that, the rest is bare. Now to see if this project catches on.

Also, we are redesigning the entry page to the educationaltechnology.ca site. The current list of resources can be found through this page.

Stay tuned for more content in the future.