LibraryThing & Delicious Monster

I am big fan and loyal user of Delicious Library, a great app. that allows individuals to easily scan and organize personal libraries of their books, CD’s, DVD’s, games, etc. The application also scans the Amazon database and retrieves item information and thumbnails.

Now I have discovered LibraryThing. LibraryThing allows you to catalog your library (books only it seems) online. The service also uses the Amazon database, and therefore retrieves item records. And LibraryThing is socially oriented as you can share your library with the rest of the world.

Hmmmm … so what is needed to develop an even better, single library application?

Take the following features of Delicious Library:

– library items scanable by iSight or barcode scanner
– the ability to “sign out” items to other individuals
– items extend beyond printed books (e.g., DVD’s, CD’s, Games, eBooks, etc.)

And take the following features of LibraryThing:
– socially oriented
– publishable to the Internet
– use of tags

Wait a minute! I just noticed that LibraryThing did have an option to import from Delicious Library … it’s just seems to be down for the moment (technical problems). Wow, this is going to be a lot of fun.

One thought on “LibraryThing & Delicious Monster

  1. You may have a look at Creatisoft’s Online Library, an innovative cataloging software to be released soon. It features :

    1. Catalog Books, DVDs, Music CDs, Games and Software .
    2. Catalog and manage physical copies as well as electronic version .
    3. Access and share your library on desktop and online.
    4. online query, no more tedious typing
    5. Powerful reporting
    6. User and rental information

    It opens for beta testers now.

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