Canadian Relief Effort In Louisiana

Last December, I highlighted a video re: the views of Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson on Canada. Althought I didn’t do much more than point to a video, it’s still one of my most viewed posts.

And today, as I browsed through CBC World news, I noticed a story re: a Louisiana senator who has praised the Canadian presence in the NOLA relief effort and noted that “a Vancouver-based team reached St. Bernard parish five days before the U.S. army got there.” I am sure Coulter and Carlson could care less, and likely their views will never change on Canada, but for me, it’s great to see yet another incident where Canadian individuals are commended for their humanitarian efforts in respect to their closest neighbor.

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One thought on “Canadian Relief Effort In Louisiana

  1. Dear Readers:

    I am an ordained Rev. who is seeking transportaion to the Katrina relief areas. I had spent two years in Western Kentucky as a missionary. On May 03rd, the Lord gave me a vision of the destruction that was coming.
    On August 13th, He provided transportation out of Katrina’s path. He also gave me a mission to accomplish while here in Canada. I have accomplished that mission as of this past Sunday, (Sunday, October 23, 2005).
    In the States I was given the name, “The Bicycling Missionary.” President Bush has recieved letters from people about me.
    I am not saying this to brag of myself. But, rather, to boast of how powerfully God has used me in America to minister to His lost sheep.
    Now that I have completed my mission, I am seeking transportation back into the Katrina, relief area.
    If anyone is heading there from: London, On; Toronto, On; Niagra Falls or Fort Erie, On; or Windsor or Sarnia On, border crossings and has room for myself, my bicycle, bicycle trailer, and a few clothes, tent, sleeping-bag and toiletries, I would appreciate it if you could get in touch with me ASAP. Please email me at: As soon as possible.
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    P.S. As a missionary, under the oath of poverty, I would not be able to assist with fuel. I would be relying soley on an individual, organization or Church to show Christian fellowship in getting me there. God Bless!

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