Indiana Likes Open Source

eSchoolNews Online reports a large desktop Linux implementation project in Indiana.

Taking a huge step toward its goal of a computer for every high school student, Indiana will introduce 1,600 new desktop computers running Linux-based operating systems and software in its classrooms this fall. The program could be the largest such undertaking involving open-source software ever carried out in U.S. schools.

And as many administers have already figured out, it’s not purely about cost:

Though the cost is a primary concern for Indiana state officials, Laura Taylor, director of Indiana’s Office of Learning Resources, said it is not the only issue to be considered. “This model is really about scalability, sustainability, and repeatability,” said Taylor. “It’s not just about cost, but cost needs to be considered if this is something that’s going to be replicated in multiple classrooms. But cost means little if it doesn’t work.”

Not much to say other than “viva la revolution!”