Choose The Linux Distro That Is Right For You

Having so many distributions of Linux available can be more confusing than helpful. To make things a bit easier, here’s a helpful Linux Distro Chooser that can assist those looking for the right fit.

This chooser is geared for x86 based-systems only.

One thought on “Choose The Linux Distro That Is Right For You

  1. Wow…that’s scary. The top three it showed me are the 3 I’ve used. Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mandriva.

    The distro I’d like to try one day is the Argentinian one called “Utoto”. It’s one of the only ones (or the only one?) that does not distribute alongside a non-free enterprise edition – nor does it promote access to non-free software like Ubuntu’s synaptic package manager does. It is a distro that really embraces the FOSS ideals. At least, this is what I hear. I’m going to try it out someday when I get a few free hours.

    Until then, I’m lovin’ the Ubuntu. And I’m really psyched about Edubuntu to be released this October.

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