DTV: Internet TV On Your Mac

Boing Boing just announced the launch of DTV Beta, “an open source video publishing/viewing/downloading tool”. This is the player component of the Broadcast Machine, a tool that enables users to create their own video channels. I suspect that DTV has been out since June, but I just haven’t had a chance to follow-up.

So far it looks great! DTV includes a channel guide and allows users to easily subscribe to video RSS feeds. Very slick, be sure to check it out.

One thought on “DTV: Internet TV On Your Mac

  1. Hi Alec, thanks for writing about DTV, glad to hear you enjoy it. Hope you’ll stay tuned, we’re releasing continual updates until the full beta launch (including Windows version) in a few weeks. E-mail me anytime at drm at ppolitics dot org , with questions or feedback. Thanks!

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