Neat Skype Add-Ons

Skype Journal presented a list of the best five software add-ons for Skype. The number one pick was Pamela-Systems Pro, something the EdTech Posse has been using successfully lately, and Rob wrote briefly about. There were some neat addons in the list including Video4IM, which integrates video into Skype calls, and Jybe, which enables document sharing.

Unfortunately most of the tools are for Windows only, so off goes the dustcover … its’ time to experiment.

3 thoughts on “Neat Skype Add-Ons

  1. Alec,
    Thanks for the post about Jybe. I did want to pass along that Jybe works on Firefox so it will run on any OS that can run FF. Also, the Skype plug-in for Jybe works on FF as well. I would encourage you to try Jybe for FF and let us know what you think. We welcome all feedback at

  2. Thank you very much for the suggestion.
    I’m looking for a contact organizer for Skype and tried the KishKish Book, but I’m not able to load my contacts into.
    Do you know something to manage Groups & Contacts ?
    I don’t like very much to have all my contacts all together… don’t you?

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