Norway Minister Laws Down The Law: No Proprietary Formats

Norwegian Minister of Modernization (I would love a gig like that!!!) Morten Andreas Meyer declared today that “Proprietary formats will no longer be acceptable in communication between citizens and government.”

Taking great care not to mention the name Microsoft directly, but rather referring to “the spreadsheet almost everyone use” or saying this is the last time I will present a plan for information technology being broadcast on the net in Windows Media, the Minister sent strong signals in the direction of Redmond to open up or become irrelevant to the Norwegian Government.

The Minister’s plan commands a huge restructuring of Norway’s public sector and heavily favours open source technologies and standards.

Hmmmm … so why Norway, and not Canada? It’s a great move, an excellent choice and I praise the minister for moving his country ahead into necessary territory. And at the very least, it’s another great example to wave in front of our politicians, administrators and colleagues.