(Critical) History Of ICT In Education

I’ve just noticed (via Downes) an excellent article from Teemu Leinonen hypothesizing five major phases in the history of using computers in education. Teemu notes that the fifth phase, the era of social software and free and open content, is emerging in our present day. Here’s a conceptual map of how this progression can be illustrated.

Historical Map of ICT in Education

Leinonen notes that while tremendous amounts of money have been spent on ICT in education, changes have really been margina over the years. He uses an interesting analogy to describe this minimal shift:

if you are sailing somewhere in equator and take a course by mistake to south, even that you should go north, it does not help much if you every year fix your course 5 degrees. You will still end-up to Antarctica.

It’s an interesting perspective, and a worthwhile read for those wanting a broad, bird’s eye view of the changes happening in education.

One thought on “(Critical) History Of ICT In Education

  1. I am writing a new module on ‘foundations of e-learning’ and found the description much useful. Nevertheless, and in looking for a ‘critical’ history, I wonder if we need a clear understanding on the socio-political changes that may influence the technological changes (each time) or the …I am wondering for example whether it was the technology innovation that pushed the agenda towards open learning and social networking or if it was a demand from a system ( a society) towards lifelong learning, upskilled human resources etc that did that. Just thoughts….

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