NeoOffice: OpenOffice for Mac OS X

While I mentioned earlier that OpenOffice wasn’t available in native form for OS X, I have been corrected. It seems that yesterday, NeoOffice was released in it’s first stable form. NeoOffice, based on OpenOffice 1.14 (oh yea, they were forced to refer to it as, is very easy to install and gives Mac OS X users a rich, complete and entirely free office productivity suite.

One thought on “NeoOffice: OpenOffice for Mac OS X

  1. I have been working with OpenOffice for several months on my Apple computer and had several frustrations with the X11 interface it required my to use.
    – did not use system printer list settings
    – did not use system fonts
    – did not use Apple’s control-click feature (required Apple-click instead)

    These all seem to have been fixed with the release of NeoOffice and I am now happily recommending it to my colleagues at work as a viable alternative to you-know-what. It works flawlessly and I cannot wait to see what happens when NeoOffice incorporates Oo 2.0 into this terrific OSX interface.

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