Saskatchewan Learning Exchange – Riding the Crest of Change

I just read a post from Rick Schwier regarding the Saskatchewan Learning Exchange presentation at the Riding the Crest of Change (RTCOC) conference in Regina. I attended the session as well, and I think that the group is going great work on visioning a learning object repository for the province. However, my mind still sees problems with the practicality of a single object repository, and standardized methods for adding to the repository. These thoughts are of course nothing new.

However, this certainly makes me reconsider the idea of Syndicating Learning Objects with RSS and Trackback (Levine, Lamb, Norman, 2003). The idea of being able to tap into and facilitate multiple repositories through RSS tools is excellent and can potentially foster the idea “it’s not about connecting people to content, it’s about connecting people to people” (from Watson, cited at RTCOC).

In summary, I like the direction of the group and the Saskatchewan Learning Exchange, and I certainly think there is much to consider, and many paths to follow. I just hope we get there, as I am excited by the possibilities.