Open (Source) Movement Study – Second Call for Participants

I am still working away at a study focused on the Open (Source) Movement as it applies to education. A brief introduction to the study is stated below:

“Examining Open (Source) Communities as Networks of Innovation: Implications for the Adoption of Innovation by Teachers”

“For this study, I am trying to better understand teacher activity and beliefs around what I describe as the ‘open’ movement. To me, this movement is characterized by the use and development of open source software (e.g., Linux, Open Office), open content (e.g., learning object repositories, Creative Commons) and open publishing (e.g., blogging, wikis, indy media).”

While I think my focus has shifted a fair bit (I am no longer looking specifically at teachers), I am still collecting basic information and looking for participants for this study. If you, or anyone you know is involved in the use or advocacy of open (source) software or activities in education, please feel free to fill out the following short online survey, or pass it along to someone who might be interested.

Those who fill out the form may be asked to participate in a follow-up interview, or asked for some clarification to their responses.

If you have a moment, please help spread the word. I would like this study to be as rich and informative as possible.

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