Plagiarism Brokering via Instant Messaging

Nate Kushner’s blog reports an amusing story of how he received an instant message from a college student looking to commission a term-paper on Hinduism (via Boing Boing). Kushner ended up writing a “silly” paper, riddled with intentional errors and poor sources, and sold the paper to the student for $75. Additionally, Kushner blogged the entire incident, and sent the story to the College’s president after the paper was assumed to be handed-in.

I am not sure if Kushner’s handling of the incident was particularly honorable, but it certainly makes for an interesting story. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

One thought on “Plagiarism Brokering via Instant Messaging

  1. What a soap opera!

    The new revelations were revealed that he did not actually call the University, but thanks to the story and the traffic, people from the site did. I still believe that this was the wrong way to do this, and believe that he should have contacted the dean first. Then after he should have blogged it and made a mention.
    I think that a story such as this can really help with your education on plagiarism and technology, Alec!

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