Subliminal Fun!

Good … something a little less depressing.

I remember as a kid scratching the heck out of my records, looking for some sort of backwards message. And I remember spinning “Another One Bites the Dust” (Queen) backwards and listening to this message that was apparently telling me “it’s fun to smoke marijuana”. I can’t remember who told me that’s what it said (likely a childhood friend) … but I always thought, if its suggested to you, you could “hear” just about anything.

Well … now you TOO can decide for yourself as Jeff Milner has posted some of the most popular sections of infamous “backwards” recordings on his blog. He includes everything from “Stairway to Heaven”, to “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Worth a laugh, at the least.

I think that the other one I would like to see included was the intentional backwards message that Bob & Doug McKenzie (wow, they have their own publication) included on the Great White North Album. Ahhhh … I miss those hosers.

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