Intel’s Museum of Me

Intel has released “The Museum of Me“, a website that connects to your Facebook account, pulls out relevant data, and produces a virtual gallery/archive of your social (network) life. I am not sure it did a great job of capturing my social ‘essence’, partly because I don’t pay much attention to Facebook (I don’t feed it much these days), but the resulting virtual gallery is really quite impressive.

If you’d like, give it a try here. Remember that it is accessing your data and the shared data of your Facebook friends (as the majority of Facebook apps often do). For those who would rather just see a demo of what it does (rather than trying it yourself), I’ve captured the rendered video using Snapz Pro X, a higher-end Mac-only screencasting tool.

By the way, if you want to experience something similar, be sure to check out Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown”.


2 thoughts on “Intel’s Museum of Me

  1. I actually DO spend a lot of time on Facebook and was surprised that it didn’t capture my “essence”-my husband doesn’t appear at all and he’s in half of my photos. I was interested to see your video though and see that it gave us the same “places” (I don’t really understand how they processed that anyway-do you?) Still an interested application.

  2. Pretty cool! Thanks for posting this, I had not heard about it until now. It seems to grab recent content, because none of my photos were from more than a year ago. Still interesting!

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