Linux Thin Client Revisited

Back on the 04/04/04, I posted an article regarding the adoption of a Linux Thin Client system in North Battleford. Luckily, I got the attention of Rob Wall as he wrote an incredibly thoughtful response on my post to his blog. For those interested in Linux Thin Client Systems (and if you are involved in implementation of technology in a school or university, I think you should be), I suggest that you read Rob’s response. Rob speaks with strong commitment and experience, and makes some excellent points.

Read Rob’s post here.

Now just be careful, since Rob trackedback my page, and I did the same … you may end up in a neverending blogging loop. :-)

One thought on “Linux Thin Client Revisited

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Alec. I’m not sure if the response was incredibly thoughtful, or the result of too much coffee and not enough sleep.

    Good idea to mention the blogging loop warning; we wouldn’t want anyone to fall into a blog hole! :^)

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