Ahhhh … Falling in Love. Doh!!!

Yahoo News reports an interesting case of two Jordanian individuals who had an online love affair for several months, and then finally met face-to-face to realize that they were already married. The recently separated couple had coincidentally met again in a chat room, but their identities were disguised through use of screen names. Even rekindled love didn’t save the couple. They filed for immediate divorce after the incident.

It’s certainly an interesting case which makes me think how well one can really know another person through online communication alone.

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh … Falling in Love. Doh!!!

  1. I think that this is absolutely hilarious. I can’t believe that they went for 3 months without realizing that they were chatting with one another.

  2. I think that this is very sad. It would seem to me that this would show them that they really were meant to be together and that they should try to work out the problems that caused their seperation.

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