Wow! Esref Armagan, the Blind Painter

I think I am a bit off my usual educational technology rants today … but this story blows my mind. New Scientist reports the story of Esref Armagan, an individual born without sight, who is an extraordinary artist. From the article:

“… if Armagan can represent images in the same way a sighted person can, it raises big questions not only about how our brains construct mental images, but also about the role those images play in seeing. Do we build up mental images using just our eyes or do other senses contribute too? How much can congenitally blind people really understand about space and the layout of objects within it? How much “seeing” does a blind person actually do?”

Also, be sure to check out Armagan’s artwork here.

3 thoughts on “Wow! Esref Armagan, the Blind Painter

  1. I think that this would really benefit students in an arts education class. I would use it to promote diversity and acceptance within the classroom. A blind person painting is remarkable. It shows children that they can succeed at anything they put their mind to, especially in art where many students are discouraged because “they aren’t good at art”.

  2. I still cannot get over this story! The colour combinations Esref uses are even better than some sighted people would use! The article says that he has memorized what colour everything is and even which colours clash. It is just so amazing that he challenges himeself to learn about colour in the first place when he can’t see it. I also cannot believe how good of depth and perception his painting have. I wonder if his sense of direction and perception are heightened in place of his sight?

  3. Hi – I have worked with Esref for more than 10 years – I have no artistic ability just a strong feeling that this man has done something that will contribute to the world on many levels. I agree that he is great for diversity. I also am mystifited by his use of color and this is after observing him and questioning him!!! Let’s hope more interest will be shown in him. Joan

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