eBook Fun: Inspired by Emotion Eric

My brother George and I came across an interesting and humourous website a while back called Emotion Eric. Basically, the site features Eric, a guy who will portray any emotion you send him. Some of these are hilarious.

Emotion Eric also has an adventures section
. This is an equally funny area where the user can view several of Eric’s wacky adventures.

While inspiration has come from more peculiar places, George, a teacher in Alberta, decided this would be a great idea for his Grade 8 Language Art class … and I really think he’s right. Now, he’s put together his own digital story book (eBook) … and while not ground-breaking, I am certainly going to use this example with my preservice teachers to demonstrate that even simple uses of technology can be tons of fun … and well worth the time.

2 thoughts on “eBook Fun: Inspired by Emotion Eric

  1. I think that these eBooks are great. They look like they would be a blast to create. I think that something like this would help motivate students to write narratives.

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