Record to your iPod 4 Free: Podzilla Hack

Well I know many of you out there were good boys and girls last year, and may have received an iPod for Xmas. However, if you want to go beyond just listening to music and are thinking about recording to your iPod, your choices up until now have been limited to purchasing a third party product from Belkin or Griffin. Not only does this cost extra money, but also, with these devices you are limited to recording at 8khz (i.e., relatively poor quality).

However, now there is a hack that is not only free … but the quality of recording is greatly improved. Hack-a-day reports a way of recording to your iPod using Podzilla, a user interface for Linux on your iPod.

I ran this on my new 20GB harddrive and it worked perfectly. However, some commenters on the hack-a-day site seem to be having problems. Podzilla IS beta, so try at your own risk.