15 thoughts on “Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson: Views on Canada

  1. This is not ignorance to me, bur rather exploitation of other people’s ignorance. It’s the whole phenomenon of trash media that scares me. This is tantamount to reality video games. The fact that so many people give credence to this kind of jingoism and hubris makes you wonder what our education systems accomplish in the long run.

  2. As an American who moved to Canada almost eight years ago, I’m embarrassed. Of course the U.S. needs Canada. The U.S. needed Canada through two world wars, Korea, and the first gulf war. They needed Canadian Kenneth Taylor during the Iran hostage crisis. Thousands of Americans needed Canada on September 11, 2001. I was in Toronto when the attacks happened and the blood banks couldn’t handle the outpouring of support.

    I also resent the comments from conservatives on both sides of the boarder that the best and the brightest move to the U.S. I know for a fact that many of America’s best and brightest now call Canada home.

  3. I’ve seldom seen a more compelling argument for media literacy programs in our schools. I hope we can teach our children to discriminate serious journalism from silly, rhetorical pandering (I really like your use of “hubris” François), but the line is blurring.

  4. It would be so easy for me to get into nitpicking about the United States and what kind of destruction their policies have created throughout the years, but as a typical Canadian I will not sink to those levels and offend the American people. That would be ignorant. I will instead send out my sincere apology to all Americans who have to put up with people like Ann coulter being representives of their country. I have alot of friends from the United States( even some who have politically different opinions than me ) Those statements made about Canada were just cheap attacks ……A way for her to get attention on National Telivision. Someone should remind Ann Coulter that she is not on a Reality t.v show that will have a $50,000 prize and some plastic surgery for the one who can make the biggest fool of themselves. I just want to make it clear that women like that who talk nonsense are really just looking to get some love….so Canada let’s embrace Ann Coulter as a lost young woman who just can’t seem to find her way……….

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  7. People like Ann Coulter are jackasses. There are jackasses in the media, in sports, in your home town, on the roads – pretty much everywhere. People like her embarass us Americans who get labeled as thinking as she does when I guarantee there is only a small small select few who think the same and they aren’t very bright people, I would imagine. Furthermore, it makes no since about deserving to live on the same continent. I know you deserve to live some places such as a mansion after years of school or something but never have I heard (until now) of not deserving to be on the same continent, or whatever the hell she said. She needs a good slap in the face. (I’m a little outraged…)One last thing, wasn’t Canada here first? John Cabot in 1497 I wanna say. We dont learn about Canada in school. Knew that tid bit on my own. :) Maybe im way off though…

  8. First of all I want to say that I’m a proudly born Canadian and we also have some friends in upper state New York…but to hear comments like this from someone that high up in media, it makes me think for a second that this is the mindset of the majority of the people in the United States. This is something that you would expect to hear from a 12 year old kid who hasn’t picked up a book. But, to hear it from someone who is (or who is supposed to be) that educated just makes me sick. And for the record, Carlson Tucker looks like a little 5 year old with that bowtie on. He looks like he was a real loser in high school who got beat up in the hallway in between classes.

  9. Dommage que la moitié des Américains doivent “payer” pour l’autre moitié complètement ingorante et avouons-le , un peu stupide comme le cousin de Chavy Chasse dans les films “National Lampoons”.


    It is unfortunate that half of the american society have to “pay” for the other half that is totally ignorant and let’s face it, a little bit as stupid as the cousin of Chevy Chasse in the movies “National lampoons”.

  10. oh come on people. talented canadians leave for the us in droves. the only people the liberals represent in canada are themselves -and thats when the’yre not too busy stealing from the government purse(public) or living in their house in Mexico. It’s an accepted fact that most canadian government figures are buttheads. This is something that some of us are trying to change. I served with Tom Hoppe- we disagreee with the former Liberal government’s plans to screw our soldiers out of benefits when they return from Afganistan. The only Americans who say they are embarassed by their government’s stance on foreign ploicy are shameless whores who would apologize to Arab murderers for making the world trade center so hard to fly into. It must be difficult to ignore reality sometimes. I would recommed getting out in the world and having a real pants -wetting dose of fear injected into your skull before you liberal scum open your stupid ignorant cakeholes again.

  11. Wow, that was the most uninformed post yet and was almost as ignorant as Ann Coulter’s original commentary. Don, when you decide to get past your one-sided opinions, name-calling and sensationalism, feel free to post again. Your views are always welcome, but to me, your post is just a great example of someone who expresses their personal vendetta/agenda through uninformed politics, right-wing rationalism and playground bullying.

  12. I am quite surprised no one has linked this blog to her interview on fifth estate (Canadian show), look it up
    You think Ann Coulter looked like a bimbo here, you have seen nothing yet.

    As a Canadian, I have learned to shrug off many american comments. Especially the comments as lacking as these. I do actually have a fondness to how much americans love thier country. I wish they would do themselves a favor and elect a president who will ensure that the usa is liked by at least one more country in the world.

    As for the comments from Tucker the sucker. (Thumb Sucker that is) I by the way do not have a dogsled, nor do I know anyone with a dogsled. I do have a minpin and a miniture “weiner dog”, and I have not tried it yet, but I am pretty sure if I put a miniature sled on either one, it would not be able to pull it’s sibling, let alone a human.

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