Twitter Search in Plain English

Twitter search and tagging is becoming increasingly relevant, especially in light of recent events in Iran. This timely video from Common Craft explains the basics of Twitter search, tagging, and trends. This may help people who are not currently on Twitter to understand it’s usefulness and relevance for capturing public thoughtstreams.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Search in Plain English

  1. So, this is an evaluation copy. If I download it from YouTube for use in a presentation to educators (non-profit use), is that evaluation use or do I need to pay $20 for it? Thoughts?

  2. Hi Miguel,
    Lee from Common Craft here. As you’ve seen, the version that we’ve shared for free has “For Evaluation Only” watermark. If you would prefer to use a version (for commercial or non-commercial purposes) without the watermark and without the commercials for Common Craft, the licensed ($20) version is meant for that purpose. The license is for 3 years – so you can use the video all you want once you download it. Best of luck with your presentation.

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