MSN Spaces – MS, Where Have You Been?

There was a buzz today on the new MSN Spaces blogging service revealed today by Microsoft. I setup my own account, but then quickly dismantled it considering how poor it looked. I noticed Steven Downes wasn’t too impressed, and others at BoingBoing complained of its avoidance of W3C standards, its restrictive terms of use and as well, the the built in censoring. In the year that ‘blog’ was the most used term on the web, MS seems to have still missed the point.

It’s not the first time. A couple of recent, short articles examine Microsoft’s absence on the innovation circuit. “Why Microsoft Still Hasn’t A Clue About Innovation‘ and “What Money Can’t Buy” are worth a read if you are interested why releases such as MSN Spaces always seem a couple of bucks short. Although, being a few billion dollars short of Bill’s account, who am I to criticize?

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