Presentation About Blogging in Education

I recently presented at the Instructional Design Conference in Saskatoon, SK. My presentation is available here (PowerPoint). Also, I was lucky enough to see Rob Wall again who attended and blogged my session. It was nice to have Rob at the session because he was able to answer questions from the audience I simply didn’t know or needed to be reminded of. It was great to have another educated perspective.

I wasn’t able to stay very long at the conference, but the sessions looked very interesting. Check out the Rick’s Cafe, Rob’s StigmergicWeb or the IDC Blog, to see transcripts of some of the sessions. Let me know if there are any other bloggers out there who recorded any sessions.

3 thoughts on “Presentation About Blogging in Education

  1. This was an excellent presentation. I can see how this might be a useful tool in engaging students in discussions. I would be interested in finding out how others are using blogs in online (distance ed) courses.

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