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I find that one of the most useful features of Twitter is the resource sharing. With a well-established network of educators, it seems easy to solicit responses from educators who are willing to share favourite resources on various topics. Today, one of my undergraduate students Krystal (@tealek) inquired about digital story telling resources. I sent out a tweet, and many good people within my network sent back their responses. I have collected these below (sorry if I missed anyone):

@pcwoessner sent me to David Jakes’ excellent Digital Storytelling resources.

@CherylDoig offered Jason Ohler’s resources.

@lloydcrew sent me to the Images4Education site, and a great article by Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine.

@cheritoledo offered a link to the Center for Digital Storytelling.

@clintlalonde sent me to his long list of Delicious bookmarks tagged as digitalstorytelling.

@plowenthal linked to a techheds podcast on digital storytelling.

@sammora sent me to the resources at Montclair Public schools and their digital authoring initiative.

@MagistraM led me to Langwitches blog and the various resources offered there.

@bcdtech offered her Diigo list/digital storytelling category.

@jorech sent me his Wikispaces page with a long list of resources.

@shyj offered her list of Delicious bookmarks tagged on the subject.

@barbaram sent Krystal her wiki of resources on storytelling and other activities.

MtnLaurel offered her Diigo collections of resources.

Again, sorry if I missed anyone or screwed up any of the links. Do let me know.

This is one of my favourite uses of Twitter. Through the generosity of educators, it can be easy to gather a substantial list of educator-recommended resources on topics like this. And, I’m happy that through this post, I can give back a little to my network.

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  1. It was a good question and the results are tremendous. I’m passing this blog on to my Creative Writing teacher. Thank you Alec for collecting the resourses and thank you Krystal for a good question!

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  4. Alec,

    You’ve highlighted the true power of Twitter – the willingness of colleagues to share knowledge beyond the four walls of our work environments. And you’ve created a great resource for digital storytelling. I’ll add this to delicious (or should I be using Diigo? Should I send a shoutout to my PLN?)

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  6. Hey Alec,

    Just thought I’d send along my Canadian digital storytelling site for your followers to consider: Click on the resources link on the sidebar for some quick and meaningful how-tos. is new on iTunes but I’ve been hosting it for a while. Here’s the feed: or subscribe in iTunes here:

    The video podcasts I’ve been creating are in “screencast” format, iphone friendly and are “All Canadian”. The samples will be from DST sessions I conduct with teachers here in Ontario. The site will also feature some rebroadcasts, dst resources, books and other inspiring stories. Hopefully folks who have a passion for dst will be able to find something on the site that will be useful. Comments and resource suggestions will be welcomed.

    I favour the digital stories that have “compelling narrative: stories from the heart.”

    Hope you’ll tune in…


    Kent Manning – Educational Technology Consultant in Ontario
    Twitter: @kentmanning

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