Lookup Amazon items at Local Library: Simple Bookmarklet

I have just discovered this terrific time-saving bookmarklet (via 43 Folders and Dan’s Blog). Basically, it’s a tool that allows you to quickly lookup items from many of the major book retailers (e.g., Amazon, BN, etc.) in your local library. This helps to answer the question, “I wonder if my library’s got this?” without awkwardly stumbling and cutting and pasting between two windows.

For those of you in my local environment (University of Regina), you can get started by dragging the following link to your links toolbar.

U of R LookUp

For our neighbours at the University of Saskatchewan, drag the following link to your links tool bar.

U of S LookUp

For everyone else, you should be able to find your institution through the John Udell LibraryLookup homepage, if you know the type of management system your library uses.

Now simply find a book on Amazon or one of the other major distributors, and when you get to the book information page, click on the bookmarklet on your links bar, and it should retrieve the catalogue information at your local library. Terrific timesaver!!!

2 thoughts on “Lookup Amazon items at Local Library: Simple Bookmarklet

  1. Alec,

    I’ve tried moving your “UR Lookup” and “US Lookup” to my Links but this reconnects me with your URL address.

    When I copy and paste the UR&US lookups in the web address nothing seems to happen.

    Am I doing something wrong?


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