My K12 Online Presentation

My presentation “Open, Connected, Social: Reflections of an Open Graduate Course Experience” has now been posted to the K12 Online Conference. View it here or below. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. This was a great presentation Alec. The online popcorn break though was a little mean….got me craving movie popcorn.
    I am presenting at a conference tomorrow and am using the Active Minds, Active Bodies wiki that I did for my last grad course as my visual aid.
    I refer to EC & I 831 a lot and just today found out that I and another course participant were selected to be on a steering committee for educational technology in our district. I sure have lots that I want to share and this presentation will be one aspect.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    By the way it was great to see a visual of your office during our sessions. It was a little different that the visual image I had created.
    Take care!!

  2. So gooooood! Fantastic use of humour to generate energy without detracting from a rock-solid basis of work. I was especially struck by how clearly and cleanly you explained the relevance of open source, open content, open access to educators.

  3. @Laurie: Thanks so much for your help with this, and for all of your work in the course. I guess I wouldn’t really be talking about much if it were not for students like you. :-) Best of luck with the steering committee, and you know you can always count on me if you need anything.

    @Brian: Obviously if it weren’t for all of your early work in this area, and the “Open, Connected, Social” stuff that you and the other two amigos did, I likely would have been down another path. Thanks for the continual inspiration … and do not that you were listed in the credits for the title (I didn’t JUST steal, I gave attribution too!). Thanks for the very kind comments, and thanks for dropping by.

  4. Masterful use of the visual rhetoric to bring your points home and make them both memorable and entertaining. I will be stealing from your conceptual frame here at length, and the use of the open content industrial films and the like just drives your point home all the more without having to say anything. I also love your talking in front of the building in Regina where North American Socialism was born, how cool is that! Great stuff.

  5. @Jim: Thanks for the comments, especially after watching the beginnings of your edtech survivalist series … that’s awesome stuff. I noticed just this morning that I wrongfully noted the building as the Parliament building vs. the Legislative building … I will be making a rather obvious edit attempt … oh well, I was wrapped up in the moment.

    As other people with roots in Saskatchewan (such as Brian) may tell you is that many of us really value our early socialist roots. While I have yet to really distinguish how much of this has rubbed off on my teaching and my world view, I know for sure that I am contextualized and ready for a second revolution. :-)

  6. I thought is was so cool when you mentioned the context of what Saskatchewan means historically to the North American left. A lot of my friends here are tired of me mentioning it, but I’m damned proud of it, and can only hope it has influenced me as a person…

  7. Really enjoyed the entertaining and informative presentation, Alec. For me, a key point drawn from your presentation was the recommendation to “focus on HOW the new tools guide student learning rather than the ‘coolness factor’ of the tools themselves.” This important “take away” will stay with me. I agree that the real challenge is not learning to use the tools. The tools are relatively easy to use. Rather, the challenge (and innovation) is discovering how to best facilitate LEARNING while managing the tools. Wouldn’t it be powerful to have educators keenly focused on HOW to best use to deepen and accelerate student learning? Now, THAT is a course I’d like to take!

    Thank you for sharing with us! I learned from you – and at quite a distance!

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