Behind Every Tweet: K12Online Presentation Teaser #2

My K12 Online Conference Presentation 2008 will be released one week from today. The conference has already started with Stephen Heppel’s Preconference Keynote and there are so many great presenters scheduled. To keep you interested, I thought I would release my second teaser. This one looks at the mystery behind every Tweet.

If you missed teaser #1, here it is. You may also be interested in the original teaser for my online graduate course.

I’ll link to my K12 Online Conference presentation when it goes up. Thanks for watching!

9 thoughts on “Behind Every Tweet: K12Online Presentation Teaser #2

  1. Alec,

    You have me hooked – loved the two teasers and now I can understand why you twitted that they took way too much time. The time and effort are apparent!

  2. Hi Alec,

    I love the teasers! I think David F. has me enrolled in your class for the winter session. I can’t wait and I’m terrified at the same time. Will I have to do stuff like that? Thanks for the laugh!

  3. @Stephen: Looking forward to having you in the next round. Video may be part of it, depends a lot on individual interests. I hope to push everyone beyond their current abilities. :-)

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  5. Really enjoyed the entertaining and informative presentation, Alec. For me, a key point drawn from your presentation was the recommendation to “focus on HOW the new tools guide student learning rather than the ‘coolness factor’ of the tools themselves.” This important “take away” can imprint the focus of future courses. I agree that the real challenge is not learning to use the tools. Rather, the challenge (and innovation) is discovering how to best facilitate LEARNING using the tools. Wouldn’t it be powerful to have educators keenly focused on HOW to best use to deepen and accelerate student learning? Now, THAT is a course I’d like to take!

    Thank you for sharing with us! I learned from you!

  6. I can SEE the time these videos took to invent. They are excellent. I look forward to sharing them again and again and reTweeting them – now!
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Alec:
    These teasers are great! This really tells a story. Where do you gather all those old clips? They look like good, high quality clips. I’m glad @lthumann tweeted about it this morning when I happened to pass through.

  8. @Ann: The video clips came from This is an incredibly important resource where you can find wonderful public domain footage for use in the classroom or elsewhere.

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