Canadians In Space Project

Diane Hammond recently sent me notice of this exciting opportunity for grades 4-12 students.

Registration is now open for the Canadians in Space project!

2009 will be an exciting year for the Canadian Space program! Two Canadian astronauts are scheduled to launch to the International Space Station ‑ Julie Payette on Shuttle Mission STS‑127 and Dr. Bob Thirsk as the first Canadian on a long‑term post aboard the ISS!

YES I Can! Science is thrilled to announce that we will be working with the Canadian Space Agency this coming school year to bring the Canadians in Space Project to teachers and students from across the country and around
the world! Have your Grades 4‑12 students take part in the project blogs research activities, classroom experiments, and web conferences to learn from Canadian scientists, engineers and astronauts what it’s really like to live and work in space.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters, there is no cost to take part in the project.

See you online!

Please pass this around to teachers in your school.

One thought on “Canadians In Space Project

  1. Thanks for passing this on Alec – we now have a number of registrants from Saskatechewan! In fact we have schools participating from all areas of the country except Newfoundland and PEI, but we’re working on that :-). We expect registration to be ongoing throughout the school year. The “main attraction”, the missions of Canadian astronauts Julie Payette and Bob Thirsk, doesn’t occur until May 2009.

    I hope you’ll peek in from time to time to watch the project progress. The project is very fluid; we’re “building” it based on the needs and interests of the participating students. We have some very active grade 4’s online right now, so we’re helping them develop strategies and skills to “become the experts” themselves. We’ll bring in university students, scientists and engineers as the needs arise, and of course we’ll have the webcasts with our astronauts. Very busy and so much fun!

    We’ll also be supporting the online component with school visits. We’ll be in Alberta since we have a major sponsor from there. We’d love to come to Saskatechewan too but we need to find a sponsor to pick up transportation costs. If you have any ideas please pass them on!


    Diane Hammond
    Curriculum Consultant
    Project Admin
    Canadians in Space

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