Singapore Sponsors Inter-School Blogging Championship

It’s interesting enough to note that Singapore’s Ministry of Education is sponsoring a national, inter-school blogging championship aimed at junior school and secondary students. It’s fairly new to see a governmental education body supporting something like blogging, to this extent.

However, what I am really impressed by are the guidelines, or actually the lack thereof, set down for this contest. “No strict no-no’s” guide the students’ writing or use of the tool, and while this may appear risky, I would also label it innovative.

“We are pushing new grounds with this platform and there will be a certain amount of risk. However, we want the children to learn that there has to be a balance between self-expression and responsibility.”

Well said. has recently been launched, and is based on an interesting concept that mixes the power of social networks with purchasing capital. Basically, Fundable allows groups of individuals to collectively purchase goods or services with the understanding that if not enough money is collected, all money is refunded.

Two examples that are currently active include an open source programmer who is willing to update and GPL his software for OS 10.4 if he can raise $100, and a tube amplifier maker who hopes to sell a batch of his custom product. Other examples from the site can be found here. There are several interesting ideas.

I am not sure how well this will do, as no transaction has yet been completed. However, I think it has potential.