Daily Brand Timeline Portrait

I just came across “Jane’s Brand-timeline Portrait“, a visualization of the brand names that one is exposed to each day.

Jane's Brand Timeline Portrait

All that talk about brand perception got me thinking about how brands affect our daily lives. Have you ever thought about how many brands you use in a typical day? Well I did and created a visual representation of my Typical Friday in Brands. I have to admit that I was pretty surprised at how at how big this thing got once I started working on it. I am also surprised at how much this reveals about me …

Creating similar brand portraits through a classroom assignment could help students gain deep and meaningful understanding of the marketing forces around them, even those students who perceive themselves as impervious to the effects of advertising.

As a compliment or reinforcement to this activity, I would recommend this video from Derren Brown that demonstrates the power of subliminal advertising.

Note: I am always skeptical of videos like this, and I haven’t looked to how accurately this experience was portrayed, but believe the basic concepts are sound.


Taaz.com is hair and make-up marketing fun. The site allows you to upload your photos, apply make-up from various companies, and change your hairstyle. I hate the sneaky marketing, but look at me … I’m beautiful!

I'm Beautiful!

Interestingly enough, as I was applying virtual make-up to myself, one of my EC&I 831 students entered my office. It was a tad embarrassing, but all in the name of education.