K12 Online Conference 2008

I am happy to be one of the presenters for this year’s K12 Online Conference. The 2007 conference was one of my favourite educational events as there were so many excellent presentations. The conference is an example of open education at its best: open, transparent, free, and of high-quality. I am hoping that I can help add to the success of last year’s event.

Below is the official marketing flyer for the event. Please pass on the information to the teachers in your school, or other interested individuals.

K12 Online Conference Flyer

Many of the presenters are putting up teasers for their sessions. I will not have time to put one together, but I can offer the trailer created for EC&I 831, the course that will be the focus of my K12 Online presentation. Apologies to those who have seen it before.

I hope you can attend the conference. My presentation will be titled “Open, Social, Connected: Reflections of an Open Graduate Course Experience.” I hope it will give insight into the challenges of creating a networked learning experience for university students while sharing some of the real successes of the experience.

Check out what some of the other presenters are planning.

3 thoughts on “K12 Online Conference 2008

  1. I look forward to your presentation as well.

    I have a version of your trailer on my iPod already, by the way, for one of your grad school classes. I have shown it in classes as an example of cool trailers made by teachers. I came across it on youtube somehow. Keep up the good work.

  2. I like the horror movie trailer aspect to your teaser. I’m looking forward to listening/ watching your entire K12 Online presentation. You have a lot to share based on that EC&I 831 course.

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