Days With My Father – Digital Story

Photographer Phillip Toledano, who I remember from his Phone Sex: The Book series, has put together a very personal series of photographs with his (then) 97-year old father who suffers dementia. This series is as beautiful as it is powerful, and is a wonderful example of digital storytelling.

Phillip Toledano - Days with My Father

via Josh Spear.

8 thoughts on “Days With My Father – Digital Story

  1. Thanks Alec for sharing this story. It reminds me to treasure each moment with my own parents.
    While I was here, I also picked up the McKee storytelling link from PresentationZen in your Google Reader widget. Great stuff!

  2. Reading this story and looking at the beautiful pictures made me extremely homesick tonight. Thinking of my dad and mon close to their eighties and I’m not there to share possibly the last year/decade of their life.

    Thank you for posting this – tomorrow I’m going to phone home and tell them I’m coming to visit in October.

  3. Thanks for this….I have just spent the last three days with an aunt who is going through some of the same things. Her only daughter was packing up her things to bring her to live close to her and so I was looking after Auntie. I was very moved by the story and the pictures and am forwarding to story to my cousin.

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  5. This IS a very powerful digital storytelling. I did a major presentation to my staff this year on using digital storytelling but never had anything this powerful. I did use the 4 Generations video, which is powerful in itself, but did not lend itself to everyone. I beleive this may. Thank you, now I have something to start the first TechTips workshop with.

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